Thirst Series

I started this book last year , I made this amazing discovery of Christopher Pike. This author has books and books galore. But this particular has phenomenal horror. Now of course the proof is in the pudding , but I will have to tell you that this pudding isn’t just pudding. It is Creme Brule,..lol

Any how the main character ( Sita) A.K.A  Alissa is thousands of years old . Originated in India . This blonde hair , blue eye , fair skin girl was chosen for this destiny . In the first book , it tells you how she became who she is today . Her loves ,her loses and her heart aches. This female vampire kicks behind let me tell you. She is nothing to be takin lightly. She is hard as a brick ,but her heart is soft.

In this 3rd novel she discovers an ancestor from many of generations . She has known of her for a long time .She must meet up with her , especially that she is in danger. I have got to say for the record that this series is awesome.