Latoya Jackson is comeing out with her own novel .   Strangely enough I’m not  extraordinary surprised, everyone else seems to be writing there own  book .

 In memory to the well loved jack ass Ryan Dunn who passed away this week ,( for those of you that dosnt follow the movie ,it is not the man on the cover of this book.

R.I.P  Ryan




This is a great series of books for that little princess in your life Fancy Nancy has come out with another.





Janet Evanovich Series



Look out america I know some of you have been waiting for this ,guess what its here…..

Another hysterical novel ,which by the way, €œOne for the Money,” a film based on Janet Evanovich’€™s 1994 novel and the first in her Stephanie Plum series€” will star Katherine Heigl, above, as the Trenton bounty hunter and is scheduled to be out in January.