This is the last time I am going to tell you this! Emma said do not go over there again, graveyards are for the dead to rest. Not for teens to hang out in. This is why towns created parks! “What ever Emma  …Said her friend Malcolm. We have had this argument since I can remember. My mother always said to respect the dead or be ready for taboo on you, Emma said! Malcolm stood tall, like 6’3 tall with pale skin and jet black hair to his shoulders. With serious dark circle under his eyes, as if he hadn’t slept in years. He was always the different kid.  He for sure stood out from the football players and the chess club kids.  I always felt like I had to protect him from anyone and everyone! But we are older now, 17 and 16 Malcolm. We need to go out and get summer jobs, so we can work on getting that fast car Emma says with a huge grin of excitement. Malcolm just peered down at her in the glare of the sun. He had his hand up over his brow guarding his eyes from that ball of fire in the sky. He hated the sun; I was surprised he was even awake right now. Malcolm always liked to be Nocturnal like my cats. Yes I know he is a little weird, but he was always sweet to me. Sounds great said Malcolm I’ll go work in MacDonald’s and you can go do Wendy’s he said in a sarcasm voice. Emma stood there with her hands on her waist, giving him that look of ‘did you just get smart with me? Typical girl thing to do! Hey “Malcolm said a group of kids up the block.  Emma gave Malcolm a dirty look and say’s I’m going to go Malcolm. There nothing but bad news. Malcolm Grinned and nudged her in her shoulder and said Okay mom in sarcasm. Ha” funny said Emma. This group of kids Emma is referring to is known as bad news. The reason is everyone knows in their small town in Ohio that most people meet up on Sunday for church. This group has their own agenda, one that is not so holy.

Last year in the local paper there were 4 boys in one with the name of Isaiah were found guilty of tormenting animal and using them for some type of sacrifice. Devil worshiping is what they’re known for. I don’t understand why there still around and not in some bad boys home. Emma thought to herself.

Hey Malcolm said Isaiah tonight is it man” they all stood around in him in a circle. Malcolm looked to be enjoying their company. But Emma knew something was just not right. Emma walked home in concern for her friend Malcolm. I just can’t understand what it is about those boys that got him so convinced there his friends Emma thought!

Tonight Malcolm you’re going to meet Lilith said Isaiah. Malcolm smiled and said Lilith? Yea’ she is our Queen of the night and in order for you to be a part of this. You must be approved by her first. Most know of her by Kiskil-lillia the dark maiden. The tale to be told is she was the first woman before Eden of course. She was made like Adam created from mud, and she became his very first wife. They say that they were happy for awhile. But Lilith became bored of Adam and left, out in the dark wilderness. But her punishment for her desertion of Adam, Jehovah dictated that one hundred of her demonic children would die every day! She will come back on this night, when we summon her. But there is one issue at stake here. Malcolm looked at Isaiah and said what is it? We need a virgin girl to sacrifice. Malcolm stood up and began to yell are you serious? We are going to use a human sacrifice are you crazy? Isaiah began to tell Malcolm that after so much time in the demon world that Lilith will want to walk to earth again. The only way this can be done is surrounding over to her a female virgin. Malcolm swallowed hard and began to sweat and said well I don’t know about this. Isaiah say’s you just don’t understand Malcolm when she is here, there will be no worries. Lilith takes good care of us.

Isaiah begins to walk away and says a virgin we shall find. Malcolm looked at everyone that was gathered there with him. Say’s is this going to take place tonight? One boy looked at him with spiked black hair and catlike eyes and said Hell yea it is!

As the day went on the sky had a funny color to it. Malcolm was becoming stressed out over this. We are all to meet at Milian Ohio cemetery in 30 minutes.

Walking to the cemetery all Malcolm could think about was how Emma uses to preach about not playing in there and now he is going to do something much worse. What’s the Karma for this Malcolm thought? Emma was always telling me about Karma. When Malcolm arrived,

They were all gathered around in a circle around a tree stump with black candles all around.  Come Malcolm join us, Isaiah began to recite: I herby invoke the princess of darkness, the great dragon of the bottomless pit, who is the bringer of the light. And lord of the earth, “Hear me oh mighty god of Hell. The wind began to pick up around them. With an aroma of flowers, something feminism, female like. You could feel her approaching; swirling around in the air thru your legs to the back of your neck. Your little hairs on your arms began to stand. “Come forth threw the black abyss .Come forth threw the ends of hell. Come forth through the night time sky. And greet me your servant and friend. Join me as I conduct this service in your honor. Isaiah stood there with his arms up in the air, palms facing to the sky. I could see a light coming from one hand to the next. The light began to form in to a figure. That went straight to the ground, the earth began to shake. In a blink of an eye, a flash of a bright light, that was very bright it would have blinded you. Isaiah yelled the girl. Then around the tomb the boys drug a girl out with a sac over her head. Her hands were tied along with her legs. She lay in the middle of the circle. You couldn’t make out who she was because she was covered with a sac on her head. Malcolm knew this wasn’t right, but he didn’t know what he should do. You could actually feel a presence in the area. The queen has arrived in spirit. Isaiah stood over the girl and began to say more of his terrible prayer to the dark side.  When a snake slithered out of the woods towards them, Isaiah says ahh Lilith I am pleased to see you have arrived. He picked the slithery creature up and laid it on top of the girl. Then she began to wiggle and tried to scream as the venoms’ snake bit her. The girl laid still and Isaiah began to sing a rhyme that all boys joined in on. Malcolm didn’t know what to think, should I run and get help this girl is going to die. When Malcolm turned to look like he was going to run. There were beings of these demons looking souls everywhere, like as if they were guarding the ceremony. Isaiah said to Malcolm it’s too late now friend. Malcolm glimpsed at him with fear on his face.  She is already arrived in body. He looked down at the girl and she was sitting up on her side. They begin to release her hands and feet, she ripped the sac of her head. It was Emma and she was smiling. Hi Malcolm she began to say. But Emma looked a little different, her golden blonde hair was now darker and her eyes were sinister. Her body was sexier. Even her smile was different then the Emma he knew. Emma stood up and stretched and looked at the boys and said good job boys! A woman’s work is never finished she said with a grin, Right Malcolm she stretched real hard? Malcolm just stood there speechless. What did I do he thought, the karma was he lost his beloved Emma. Maybe he should have listened from the beginning. All though I shouldn’t tell you the end .When really it’s just the beginning.