Concrete Grove
I just started this new book called Concrete Grove by Gary McMahon . This is book one of the Concrete Grove Trilogy. I must say that I never heard of this author. Plus being a Librarian assistant and helping out with ILL in NJ. I seem to be able not to find this guy anywhere in the counties with in the state. If your up for a cool horror ,check it out. So far I give this 2 thumbs up.

Raising Stony MayHall by Daryl Gregory

This one is another interesting one . This about a time when zombies took over and then supposedly ended.

A family came across a woman who was frozen dead in a snow pile. With a new-born baby in her arms. The family then begin to take the baby to save it. But when they bring the bundle of joy home , they realize he is dead too. But yet very much alive.

I thought wow this one is really something different to read for sure ! Definitely right up my alley of freaky books to read. I will keep you posted on this and more to come.