We all know how I love David Wellington ,well he is my new-found love. His books are phenomenally Great. He has so many good ones like Monster Island (series on zombies) Which is great by the way!

He has an impressive line up of work – 10 novels to date, three different series. Under the name Wellington, he tackled zombies in a global apocalypse (Monster Island, Monster Nation, Monster Planet), vampires in the Laura Caxton series (13 Bullets, 99 Coffins, Vampire Zero, 23 Hours and 32 Fangs) and werewolves in the Canadian wilderness (Frostbite, Overwinter).

What I did learn today is he goes under another name David Chandlier.
I always wondered why they change their names like that. Is it to see who reads and follows what? His very first novel was Zombie Book. I havent tried to take a peek at this one just yet. But by the way my reading love affair is going with him. I am sure I wont be disappointed.

He has a one that I was not aware of called:Ancient Blades trilogy ..
This one seems a little different then what I am use to of him.But it has got to be worth the look!