Brought to you by your one and only Lady Journel A.K.A Zombiegirl .
This week I bring you The Night Starnger : by Chris Bohjalian

The result is a poignant and powerful ghost story with all the hallmarks readers have come to expect from bestselling novelist Chris Bohjalian: a palpable sense of place, an unerring sense of the demons that drive us, and characters we care about deeply.

The difference this time? Some of those characters are dead.

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Now this one is something its all about a girl named Madsion (who is 11 years old by the way)She is the  daughter of a narcissistic film star and a billionaire, Madison is abandoned at her Swiss boarding school over Christmas, while her parents are off touting their new projects and adopting more orphans. She lol dies of a marijauna over dose (who does that this is commical if nothing else) So the next thing this girl knows is she is in hell !  Long story short she makes friends along the way . Her and her buds go on a search for Mr.Satan himself !