The Daily News say’s she is definetly not your mothers Barbie!                           

          Barbie goes "bad girl" with new pink-hair and tatted up look.

She is hip ,she is sexy and she is punk! I love it ….. Mom’s arent thrilled Im sure. I’m hoping that Mattel created her for adults. For sure my daughter wouldnt be rocking this barbie!

But for me, I love her! Being Barbie is a role model and all for young girls. I found another collectable Barbie that made me think ! A James Bond Barbie :

             James Bond Girls Barbie Doll Case -  Mattel - Toys"R"UsTake a look at the doll with the orange bathing suit…WOW! She needs a porkchop! It’s making dolls like this that leads our future youth to think unhealthy skinny is in all the fab!  I’m sorry to say but noone should buy them just to prove the point!

 Barbie Happy Birthday Doll - Hot Pink Dress -  Mattel - Toys"R"UsThis is how I remember Barbie to be ! Simple and cute ,and yet pretty enough for little girls to want to be her! Anyone agree?