(Before you read this, it might contain a spoiler. consider yourself warned)

David Wellington you have done it again! Another awesome story of a female named Chey who is lost in the Artic woods. Freezing and just to proud to admit that she is lost and needs help! Now her problem is it’s getting dark and she cant even find a single spot for shelter. She stumbles week and desperate for away to seek help. Suddenly its dark and she hears things around her. Something is hunting for her. When she realizes that she isn’t alone, she tries to get away . But what can a girl do ,when its you and a abnormally large werewolf hunting you? She climbs the biggest tree she can find. In hopes that this will keep her safe! See this wolf is not our normal wolf that we all are use to . No he is shaped like the wolf ,but only abnormally huge. So he can’t climb the tree . But he did manage to jump up high enough to scratch her. Bleeding and hanging on for her dear life, what will Chey do now. Praying that this beast will not be hungry for her any longer and just leave. It did just do that, after circling the tree for hours. Now chey problem is one thing come dawn .One pray that she don’t fall asleep and fall out of that tree of course. Two she is now infected with the curse of the beast. Whats next for Chey? You gotta get this book and read it to find out!