Ghost seem to be the hot new love in the novel world of genre.

Its not just you vampires anymore!  So Gals and Guys I present to you  my first new choice Super Naturally Kissed By Stacey Kennedy

                                                                This is one reaches the hott Meter , Little Miss Tess is bothered by ghost from the spirit world . They want her to save there souls. Well sometimes Little Miss Tess will help and sometimes she just plain ignores them!

That is until one day that one comes along that wont take No for an answer!



                4 Stars Muss Dana Michelle Burnett

     Spiritus BK1

Becca decides to move back home into her ancestral house. When the house begins to start to a life of its own .

Becca becomes face to face with one of the ghosts that haunt it !

This Sexy ghost just lures her right to him. Not only does Becca starts to learn about her past ,but also understands that some mistakes are meant to happen.



Happy Reading in to the New Year !