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Good morning my fellow book lovers , this
is Lady Journal  bringing to you my weekly updates on some hot book topics. Like what’s good to read, Paranormal reads that is !! There are so many wonderful sites and places to research to see what is out there.
Personally for me I shop around to see what is good for me at that moment. Read and re-post it on my blog , reading review book sites. This week I had the pleasure to join in on a blog team . They are very well known in the UK called Read2Review.com . Here is a link to my review http://read2review.com/2011/12/26/55-to-frostbite-series-by-david-wellington/
 will also be with them every Monday . (Exciting) Anyhow on with the books!

Another amazing found of mine . But I have to admit I might be a little late compared to some of you hard readers. Her name is Dani Harper. The Book is Changeling the Moon.  Another amazing tale of shapeshifter Romance ! I think it’s awesome when a strong female tames the beast with in a man , don’t you think? Check out this 5 out of 5 star series Today!