It’s getting colder outside and I am dying to find something excellent to read!  With such a wide range of variety to choose and pick from ,what’s a girl to do? So I go about my everyday , normal tasking of finding something excellent by doing my homework. When I came across this , The Woman in Black By: Susan Hill

This is a classic ghost tale . Mr.Arthur Kipps is a native from London and is sent to Crythin Gifford– A far away place in a windswept salt marshes beyound NineLives-Causeway. To attend a funeral and to take care of a Mrs.Alice Drawblows affairs (a Client) . Her house stands on the end of town (Causeway) , always surrounded by fog and mystery. The problem here is Mr.Kipps is not aware of all the tragical secrets those walls hold. When everything begans to take a turn for the worst . He begins to hear a little girl scream , a rockingchair rock, and a vison of the woman in black.


Across The River By: Christopher Buelhman


Average Rating is 4.5

An unwed couple decide to take off to a small town in Georgia back in like the 1900″s (back when the sherif got around on horses) . Both having a past ,has decided to start over brand new. Frank decides to write on his family history and all the horror’s that occured there. At first it’s everything they wanted , the neighborhood and all. But they bagan to notice something an unspoken dread that the towns folks have lived with for generations. A presence that demands sacrifice! It was coming from the woods across the river. Where the Ruins of Savoyard still stand today. Where a long standing dept of blood was never forgotten!


The Switched Trylle Trilogy By : Amanda Hocking

*~Prepare to be Enchanted With Amanda Hocking Switched*~

When Wendy was born her mother was sure she brought a monster in to the world! When Wendy was only 6 years old her own mother tried to kill her. 11 years later Wendy began to start to question her own self?  She was not the girl she always believed she was . Her whole world began to unravel after meeting Finn.

Finn was this mysteries guy who was always watching her.  Even though Wendy found herself attracted to him , every encounter with him shocked her to the core!  It was not to long until Finn began to unravel the truth to Wendy. That she was switched at birth , and he is here to take her home…..

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Coming out in Feb.2012