E-books are really becoming all the rage lately . You go online to look for something good to read. Alot of it anymore is E-book format. I feel sorry for you have not caught up with the new world of reading. Your going to find books that only come in that format. Here is an example for you , my job . I am a librarian assistant and our website now has library books that you may research online to download on to your Nook,Kindle,or what ever may have you. I have to mention that it does interest me a bit that there still is a waiting list for the books. You would think being that they are coming in that format that there would be enough to go around! But that simply is not the case. So doing my E-book search’s for my Nook/kindle lovers here is today’s picks!

Witchy Witcy, Spellbound Trilogy #1; Teen fantasy /young adult -Paranormal Romance By: Penelope King

Amazon Say’s Best Seller in 3 different categories !

Calista MCcoy should be excited to live the life she leads. She is beautiful ,powerful , magical . And now she has everything could want . But she has to be careful ,because other covens around the world are fighting ! So she really has to watch her friends are. There a witch hunters out there! Until she meets Mr. Captivating Nickolas. She is instantly under his spell! But it becomes clear that all that are her friends including Nickolas aren’t! And once the veil between fantasy and reality are broken no one is safe! It’s a Witchy Witchy World!!!


AFTERLIFE BY : Douglas Clegg

Julie Hutchinson unravels after the brutal and mysteries death of her husband. She has erotic nightmares and hideousness hallucinations  while slowly trying to piece together  the decades old puzzle  involving  her husbands pasts….the books finale sentence is                                                      guaranteed unnerve readers and leave them wanting more.

Next…..          The Darkest Seducation By Gena Showalter


                                Lord of the underworld series Bk # 9

This one truely has me …so excited , that I feel like singing it. You guys have no clue! lol … OK back to the review ,

At last she finally unveils the story of Paris , The Darkest & most tormented Lord of the Underworlds!!

He is irresistibly Seductive !! But his Allure comes at a Price. Every night  he must bed someone new, or weaken and die. Plus the woman he craves above all is the one woman he’d thought was forever and beyond reach ,until now.

Newly Possessed by the demon of wrath , Seinna Blackstone is racked by ruthless need to punish everyone in her path !! But yet in Paris’s arm she finds soul-searching passion and incredible peace! That is until Feuds between ancient enemies start up!!

Have great weekend…