Strain Trilogy
: By Guillermo Del Toro &
Chuck Hogan

Ok people tell me who is in the mood for a real horror story? Who is ready for the real deal page turning nonstop thriller?? I have to warn all that I am not liable for nightmares after reading!! You will go to sleep with the lights on and double check everything after reading this! Believe me reader’s Lady Journal would never steer you wrong? Trust me when I say, I am the Queen of horror! So when I tell you this is Real Horror, it is. Now if you haven’t read this yet, get it now!! Guillermo is so good he is right up with the all time Legend Stephen King! This guy also wrote don’t be Afraid of the Dark that is in the Theaters’ now! He is the visionary creator of The Academy Award-winning Pan’s Labyrinth. (For those of you who aren’t familiar)
This awesome novel is about a horrifying battle between man and vampire that threatens all of humanity!! In just one week Manhattan will be gone!
In one month the country!
In two the whole entire world! ! !
When a plane is lands at JFK airport, everyone noticed all the blinds in the windows are shut tight. There is no sign of anyone coming out, no communication at all. Everyone is clueless is to what had happened here! Suddenly when an alert goes out about some biological threat? Then they began to try to board the plane, to see what has happened. What they discover is something to make anyone’s blood curl.
On another side of the city a character named Abraham senses something is changing within the city rapidly, I bet he never imagined in his dreams that a virus is breaking out among the city that is rapidly spreading threw mankind!! That virus causes you to turn …….. Into a vampire!

This Vampire is unlike that sexy smart alluring vamp like in twilight, we all love! Let’s say it’s really horrifying, almost zombie like. With this spreading everywhere in to everyone! All that you know is gone and changed!! There is nowhere to hide; you must get out there & fight back to survive!