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Here is a title that is not published yet. This one seems FACSINATING!

                                                       Black Birds by Chuck wedding

                                                 black birds

                              When ever death calls she always seem to know about it.

                                        Miriam Black will know when you will die.                            


     Miriam is about to meet a truck driver who gives her a lift somewhere. The problem with this is , she see’s his death and in this vision she hears him call her for help! Miriam is growing tired of predicting and saving lives! She has seen everything from cancer to suicide.  But she can not turn her back on him because she will be next……..

This meaty piece of fiction is a story about fate , and just sometimes if you try hard enough you might change it !

Design H_


      Next one is a Kindle book , 

                                                                                 Rook by Cristyn West


 Another Apocalyptic Thriller …. Real page turner!!! One thing I feel that I should mention for those of you that have a kindle. If you are a Prime member at Amazon then you can rent this for ……drum roll please…For Free.

Amazon says”

Praise for Rook: Let’s Avoid the Apocalypse, People
“Wow. Can you say page turner, roller coaster ride, and great characters three times fast? Rook grabs hold of you from the first scene in a torchlight cave and doesn’t let go until the last word. Amazing.”
Your Need To Read



Patricia Briggs has another die to be coming out in March .

                                                                                         FAIR GAME



                                                               COMING SOON ………….



Lauren Kate has another upcoming novel coming out this week.

                                        Fallen in love : A Novel in Stories



Coming Soon…01/24/2012