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I was doing my web surfing and was looking around for the a list of Paranormal or Horror novels. Like the best of kind of thing. One thing that I must confess to notice is and this even goes for my job at a Public Library . All reviews such as that are always non-fiction novels or novels such as James Patterson and Nora Roberts type of books! Well us Paranormal Novel readers need to come together and build one. Like for example the N.Y Times , they have a great list of novels such as Best Sellers for books like: The help and the Girl with the dragon tattoo. Please don’t misunderstood what I am trying to express , they are GREAT books. But none of them are for me. I want a Paranormal Best sellers list!! Is that so much to ask for ? I will provide you with a link so you can look. In case you never did, 



Number 12 on the Best Sellers list for the NY Times                  

Copper Beach: A Dark Legacy Novel



Copper Beach By Jane Ann Kentz                                   (The Dark Legacy Series)                             

Copper Beach is not your typical Paranormal Romance .  Abby wants to unlock a Paranormal Secret . But she begins to become blackmailed and needed help. That’s when she hires a Paranormal investigator by the name of  Sam Coppersmith . They need to track down this blackmailer so they may track down The Key ( an ancient text)

When dead bodies start to show up , he becomes worried about protecting Abby. Especially being he now has feelings for the girl! I am looking foreword to finishing this and starting a this series!