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 Hello blogger Hope all is well this week so far. We are on are way to Friday music to my ears .  OK all you Charlene Harris fans , I am not to sure sure if you know the good news. But there is a book 12 coming out in May 2012!! Yes there is ….


                                                  DEAD LOCKED


Felipe De  Castro being the Vampire King of Louisiana ..( & Arkansas and Nevada its the worst time for a dead body to end up in Eric’s front yard – especially the body the body of a woman who blood he just drank!  Now it’s up to Bill and Sookie , the officially area five investigator to solve the murder. Sookie thinks at least this time, this girls fate ,has nothing to do with hers.  But she is wrong ! She has got an enemy , one far more devious then she would ever suspect!  Who is out to make Sookies world come crashing down!