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Can you live 28 years and discovering that you are a Witch?


Debora Geary ( A modern Witch Series)

Lauren is downtown Chicago’s youngest elite realtor. She’s also a witch. She must be – the fetching spell for Witches’ Chat isn’t supposed to make mistakes. So says the woman who coded the spell, at least.

The tall, dark, and handsome guy sent to assess her is a witch too (and no, that doesn’t end the way you might think). What he finds in Lauren will change lives, mess with a perfectly good career, and require lots of ice cream therapy.

Review’s from other readers ,

One reader calls it Refreshing !

Another Reviewer say’s : I absolutely loved this book. Funny, sweet, entertaining. I want to become part of this world and be adopted into the Walker clan.

So I have discovered another title on Amazon for the Kindle (Geesh I am finding myself more on Amazon then Barnes and Noble & I have the Nook Color)

This is a stroy called Alice in DeadLand . It is about this girl , who didnt have a normal teenage life like most girls. You kow going to the mall , highschool ,listening to music. 15 year olf Alice lived in a time when there really wasnt any civalization anymore.It ended over 15 years ago! She had to learn to shot a gun or use a knife. Then learning reading and writing. This time and place she lived was called the Wastelands/Deadland .

With a new rain of terror on the rise.

One day Alice spots a Biter Disapearing in to a hole in the ground. She then decides to follow & investigate. In search for the Fabled underground Biter Base! What Alice discovers there propels her into an action-packed adventure that changes her life and that of all humans in the Deadland forever.

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