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You guys I couldn’t wait to post about this ! I need a real answer here from all of my blogger friends. Now if you are true Horror fan ,such as I . Then the Original Queen of horror is coming out with a brand new title in February.

Can anyone guess who I am referring too??

                                                                   Anne Rice

That is what I said , Anne Rice is coming out with something new too. No it is not a continuation about The Vampire Chronicles . Or about the lives Of The Mayfair Witches or The Angels. Even though some of us would love this to be true. She has moved to one of my favorite of genres . Werewolves…..



Those of you that live on the East Coast as such as I , can see her in Philadelphia on her book tour. In which I am sure she will be visiting other places too. Here is a link to receive more info ,



I have been a fan of Anne Rice most of my life . I was lucky enough to have the pleasure to speak with Mrs.Anne about her Pandora novel. We talked about if she was going to come out with a sequel ? She did tell me that her Vampire days were done. Well now she is writing about Werewolves I cant began to tell you how excited I truly am!!


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