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It’s Tuesday everyone  ….almost to Humpday . Whats better then a really good Vamp Tale? I found a title that might intrist you .


  Lover Avenge


This time I decided to list reviews from other reader’s from other blog sites, thought that would be neat . Here is what they said…


Romance Junkies:

Blood Avenged is a well written tale of murder, betrayl and passion. The plot is wrought with twist and turns , and the passion is scorching hot! If your looking for Romance that scorches the page ,then this is it !


Romance Novel Junkies:

Bravo to the Author , Gabrielle Bisset on what was the most anticipated conclusion to a fascinating villain, and the beginning to what I can predict to be a great start to a series! In ‘Vampire Dreams”though Vasilije was not the main character,he left a lasting impression that you were unable to get your head out of .As a result ,reading his story was exciting and it was everything I thought it would be!



I thought this was great!


                   The Real Were-wives OF   VampireCounty