Once again it is what I like to call my Armageddon day of the week (Sunday) ..For those of you that just don’t get it. I Friggen hate Sunday . Geesh seems like just when you just turn around it is almost Monday.

Today I bring to you a new Author for me . I just discovered her doing my looking around . Even if Good-Reads has her a member since 2007. Love that website and love any Author who loves zombies . Her name is Courtney Summers.


         Courtney Summers was born in Belleville Ontario Canada . It is pretty interesting to see that website said that she dropped out of High-school to write.? 

                                                                         Courtney’s Novels list :

                                                       Cracked Up To Be

                              Some Girls are 

             Fall for anything

This is not a Test

Someone asked her Why are you so obsessed with zombie’s?

Courtney said Because they’re scary and they eat your brains. If I may wax poetic about zombies, it’s that lend themselves perfectly to that search for greater meaning in life. To watch a zombie movie where people get stripped of the things that make their lives worth living, and yet still want to live in spite of it, is very inspirational. Yes, zombies inspire me every day.

She is Lady-Zombies kind ‘a Chic! 



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Here’s what I got this week:


Sati By Christopher Pike

The Demon in me By Michelle Rowan

Patient Zero By Jonthan Maberry

AfterTime By Sophie Littlefeild