You will not be able to place it down!!


In the first book The Forrest of hands and teeth .

Mary the main character had to live in a world surrounded by a fence. The Law which are Nunes by the way ,tells her and the others to never go outside that fence! Because outside the fence are were the unclean wonder. They wonder continuesly hungry. Hungry for you , they hang on the fence and moan and and cry for your flesh. Never go to close ,beacuse on bite is all it takes to become infected. So if you are unlucky enough to get bitten ,you will be tossed outside the gates . With the unclean to fend for your self!


Dead Toss Waves , Gabry lives in the lighthouse in another small sacluded area . Gabry& her friends grows tired of the boundries they are not aloud to cross . They take the dare like teens do one night. Only to have their fun become a living Nightmare. What will Gabry do ? Now she must face whats to come. To come of her friends and to come of her life . Since she couldnt follow one simple rule!


The Dark and Hollow Places, Anna lives in an empty city of the deads Rage. Not much left but hunted buildings. Ghosts of what this city use to be. Anna is still waiting for him to come home. She has been waiting for years now.Right on the other side of the bridge ,on the other side of the water . The dead wait .  But what happens when the city becomes breeched? Their isnt any other places to go. Where is Anna gonna go alone or not?!