I have been a fan of Johnny Depp since I can remember! The first time I layed my brown eyes on the famous and very talented star Mr.Depp in NightMare on Elm st.

When he was Nancy’s boyfriend who lived up the scary block on Elm st. Poor guy got sucked in to his mattress ,when having a nightmare . We all remember that Famous seen in the movie. Who wasnt a Freddy fan back in the 80’s. Plus the all so famous episode 21 Jump St. With another famous actor Holly Berry .

You know there going to be coming out with the Movie this year. But sadly I don’t get why Johnny isn’t playing his role. Sorry that just ruins it for me! I most likely will not go out of my way to see this in theaters. But the handsome actor from Nicholas Sparks famous Title Dear John ,Actor Channing Tatum . Will also be in 21 Jump st . Well you know I wouldn’t mind gazing in to that sexy specimen of a man! But we want Johnny. According to msnbc.com Johnny will be in it ,but he will be a little different?? What ever that means. I also caught the he is going to be in the remake of Dark Shadows. Neat right up this Zombie Ladies alley.

All in all he looks a little creepy. But it’s Johnny after all and he is a real talented Guy! So I don’t know about you . But this chick is siked to have 2 movies this year with him coming out to the box office!