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Hello my Blog readers ,it is yet another apocalyptic Sunday (Unfortunately). I have not been keeping up with my reading or writing ,thanks to having this blessed headache that will not let up! Maybe it’s due to the weather change . Constantly changing from 40’s to 60’s on Friday or Thursday (Strange) , times are definitely changing if you ask me.

                                                      New Releases For March dogflower


  I took the liberty to look around for you my blog friends and see what good is cooking for March reads.


1. Hunting Cat By Kelly Armstrong

2.Fair Game (Alpha Omega #3) Patricia Briggs

3.Deep Dark Secret (Secret  McQueen #5) By Sierra Dean

4.The Drowning Girl By Caitlin Kiernan

5. Hunters Prey   (bloodhound# 2) By Moria Rogers

6. The Sorrows by Jonathan Janz

7. The Slipstream Con    By Michelle Moore & S.Reesa Herberth

8. Katana   By Cole Gibson

9. Autumn After Math By David Moody

10.Wide Open By Deborah Coates

11. The Book Lost fragrance’s   by MJ Rose

12. The Company of the Dead  By Ted Kowalski

13.Hide me among the Graves by Tim Powers

14.The Isis Collar (Blood Singer #4) by Cat Adams

15. Dark Eyes  By William Richter

16. Spellbound ( A Hex Hall Novel  ) By Rachelle Hawkins

17. Eventide (Dark Ink #3) By Elle Jasper

18. Bear Meets Girl  By Shelly Laurenston

19. Back from the Undead  ( The Blood Hound Files) By DD Barant

20. Forgiven (Demon Trapper)  by  Jana Oliver

21. Everlasting   (Kissed By An Angel) Elizabeth Chandler

22. Vampire Diaries  Stefan’s Diaries  The compelled Bk 6   by L.J Smith

23. A Perfect Storm  By Lori Foster