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“Hey blog world “  it truly has been to long for me . I have been so busy with life that I really haven’t the time to keep up with my favorite thing to do (Blog). Now I have been reading these 2 novels Ann Rice’s Wolf Gift and The Passage by Justin Cronin . Not that long ago I posted about these 2 books and I couldn’t wait to crack them both open. Majority of the time I will go by other reviews.

Here are my thoughts on them both.



 wolf   By Ann Rice

Let me clarify something Ann Rice is one of the best! So maybe when I read it my hopes were set up for a different type of story.

This is a novel about a journalist named Ruben . He investigates a family Legacy and their beautiful house . He even thinks about buying this unimaginable Home of your dreams. He learns all these different mysteries about this place, and those who occupy it . Not to go to far in to the story so I do not contain to much of a spoiler . But Ruben gets bit by a wolf. Now we all know what happens then. He begins to experienced all the changes . He try’s to document it all. In the meantime ,working as a reporter he is asked to keep on the mysteries of the Local Wolf man . That people are seeing and encountering with!

My issue with the story is I am not in to superhero tales. I love you Ann and every book that you have written truly is a master piece . To me this was like a Wolf man /Superman ( Clark Kent style). When he would begin to shape shift in the Wolf Man , he would also sense someone near by in need to save! Great book for those who enjoy that type of story ,just not for me. Guess I am spoiled with Interview with a Vampire.



passage-tpb  Now this Title looked so good I couldn’t WAIT to read it. Lets do keep in mind I have to confess I did post this as one the great reads list in the beginning of the month. Well lessoned learned for me . I have to really read it myself first!

It suppose to be a story about a war breaking out and the government taking inmates & doing experiment’s on them. To builds a much better soldier. Well apparently this gets out of hand and there like a vampire/zombie . That spins out of control and turns on us! Sounds awesome right! One problem you have to read about everyone and their grandparents appearances and experience’s before you get to the story! No wonder it like 600 pages lol . Not for me , puts me in Zzz land!