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I just have to tell you a little story about a novel I bought a while ago. This novel sat on my bookshelf for a very long time that is before I opened it.

I moved from Philadelphia to this little southern town in South Jersey called Millville, It is in Cumberland County . Now I am assuming this girl is a local in Millville .But she could just be a resident of the county. All I know is that they (as in the locals) claim her to be one of them. Her name is Kelly Varesio and the title is Insperatus.

About the Author, she is this young girl for one .I give the up-most respect to her for writing alone. Remarkable.. Just amazing talent!!! Because when she wrote her novel I believe she was still attending high school. In which she graduated in 2009 and just last year she graduated for her nursing degree. Kelly had written Insperatus out of these idea/visions of this story she had for years.



Twenty-year-old Rein Pierson dreams of seeing the ocean on a steamboat and convinces her good friend Saria Kendrick to accompany her to America. In 1843, the two friends and their escort Edgar Johan embark on their adventure. Rein is only too pleased to leave her past behind. Once aboard the ship, Rein meets Traith Harker, a shy, handsome man with scars who has lost his memory. Traith seems like the embodiment of her dreams, but like everything else she uncovers, he harbors a deep secret. As mysteries unfold, Rein finds herself in a whirlwind of emotion—confused about her growing love for the dashing but mystifying Traith, frightened by his secret that reveals a supernatural world encroaching upon her own, and heartbroken as tragedy disrupts her voyage. Weaving a uniquely dark tale of love, intrigue, and acceptance, Insperatus narrates a historical romance rewritten by the paranormal.

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