Blog friends maybe I am the slowest book blogger in the world. But little by little, discovery by discovery I find new titles and authors to read and write about. So tonight is the starting week of Vamp Week! This week I will post hot vampire titles and there authors of course.


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thumbnailCAWFVRV1Take a minute to look at the Vampire Art from a website called deviantart.com or VampireArt.com

    Nice work right! Personally I think the skull would make a hot tattoo? 





Tonight’s Author I bring ….                                 Jacquelyn Frank



                                                                                            {  Little Bio }


Jacqueline is a NY Local who now lives in Carolina’s. She is not only an awesome Author ,but I like her just because she is a Kitty Cat Lover like me! You have to be one to understand ! She is such an animal lover that she makes time to work with different animal rescue sites like Brother wolf animal rescue and Animal compassion network. She actually named some her feline buddies after characters from one of her novels. One of her favorites in music Artists would be Evanescence ( just luv them, just sayin)  I happen to also think she is cool because we also share another like and thought together . That is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel make the best disaster couple since Romeo and Juliet. She is also a former ASL interpreter ,in which due to a health issue she had to leave that job behind. Which is fine and dandy if you ask me. She has written some pretty cool stuff. Keep up the awesome work Crazy cat lady Smile


Jacquelyn Frank writes the series




Bk .1. Jacob


BK . 2. Gideon


Bk .3. Elijah


Bk .4. Damien


Bk.5. Noah


Bk. 6. Adam – release date 10/25/11

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The Shadow Wellers


  • Book 1. Ecstasy
  • Book 2. Rapture
  • Book.3 Pleasure



The Three Worlds

  • Bk.1 Seduce me in Dreams
  • Bk.2 Seduce me in Flames



The Gatherers

Bk. Hunting Julian & Bk.2 Stealing Katherine


Single Titles :

  • Drink me
  • The Bid


(Anthologies) (read in order)

  • Nocturnal (with Kate Douglas) & Supernatural ( With Larissa Ione & Alexandra Ivy, G.A Aiken)

PDF Book list LINK