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There are so many different sites we can log in to to find upcoming novels . One that really catch’s my attention I do think that that authors that are on here are either new or self published or something like this. Only because I am not to familiar to the names.

This site is called Coffee Romance.com ,there are a list of different publishers an genre’s to pick from. What is even cooler about it is there are no predigests against what E-reader you may have. What I am saying is if you have a nook like me ? You can order or if you have the Kindle,you can too order. Even if you just want a plain PDF format to read on your computer too. To me this is awesome.

If you haven’t heard of this web blog of books here is an idea of Publishers list .

Publishers Like , Amira Press , Andrews UK Limited,  Asylett Press, Awe-Struck ,Beach Walk Press , Black Velvet Seductions, Burts. There are all Genres like Chick lit , Historical ,Contemporary ,Erotica ,Romance, Paranormal ,Suspense,Western . There a couple in particular that  I like Damnation Books , Eternal Press.



Eternal Press

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condemend         genesis   Everything here looks sweet right ?

  1. Speed Of Dark by Barbara Quinn
  2. Angelia’s Child By Bruce Cooke
  3. The Morning Afterlife by Sonnet O’Dell
  4. The Vampire Chronicles By Jodi Pierce
  5. Inhuman Heritage by Sonnet O’Dell
  6. The Vow by S.A Hunter
  7. Roots Of Deceit By D.M Slate
  8. Silent Madness By Roberta Hoffer