Good day Blog friends . . .it’s Sunday and we are all dreading the simple fact that tomorrow we are back on the clocks for another day and a another dollar. But thank the heavens that I have a job.

Has anyone read anything by Richard Kadrey? I discover him doing my usual Sunday research. He has got a new one coming out in August called , Devil Said Bang: A Sandman Slim Novel

Devil said Bang: A Sandman Slim Novel

Summery from the Website :

Then again, LA isn’t quite the paradise it once was since he headed south. A serial killer ghost is running wild and his angelic alter-ago is hiding somewhere in the lost days of time with a secret cabal who can rewrite reality. And starting to care about people and life again is a real bitch for a stone-cold killer.

A violent and atmospheric tale full of edgy fun and packed with angels and demons, monsters and madmen, Devil Said Bang is another thrilling hit of kickass fun from the diabolically talented Richard Kadrey.

Author Keri Arthur has came out with one of my favorite genre series. Called Beneath The Rising Moon.  July 31 2012

  How awesome is this another Werewolf series !! Beautiful cover , she is truly a talented writer. 

                                                                 Summery : 

On a werewolf reservation a killer is loose! 3 woman were found dead ,there bodies mutilated and faces slashed! The 4th victim Neva Grants twin sister lies in the hospital fighting for her life. Psychically  linked ,Neva shared the horror of her twins attack & makes a silent vow by her sisters side in the hospital! She will hunt down the killer!

The ranger believes this killer is apart of the Sinclair pack. But Neva knows the Sinclair’s will never talk to an outsider! To began the hunt she first has to seduces a Sinclair -and then she has to keep him interested enough to find the killer. The only Sinclair that’s not under suspicion is a hard drinking and hard loving  reputation. But has she got what it ter sisters sake! 

I’m loving this book already ,remember coming out at the end of July pre-order your copy makes  to attract  a man with such experience? Neva doesn’t know ,but she has to try for how!