The Pack By Jason Starr

Simon is a main charater in the book ,in the begining his luck was horrible. Here this poor guy had a wife and a son and the perfect job in NYC. Simon is this happy guy who loved his life and his job abd of course his family. One day Simon’s luck began to take a turn for the worst. He goes to work like any other day and get’s canned after dedicating so much, so long. Like so many of us do. Simon begans to go threw the notions of loosing his job . He trys not to become depressed and does what he can to keep going. His lovely wife Alison gives him the up most support ,takes it under the chin . Because after all she was growing so tired of the both of them working . And there son being raised by the Nanny. So Simon becomes a stay at home Dad. He really starts liking this ,he has time with his 3 year old more and more now. The start to hang out at all the local city parks, so his son can meet new kids and make future play dates.

Simon happens to come across 3 other stay at home dads. He thought this is great , not only does his son love his new friends ! But Simone now has friends himself. But there is something odd about the 3 guys. They start meeting simone there daily. Then they invite him to a night out at one of the guys family old Beer Brewary. After that night things began to change dramitcally for Simone. Things start to spin out of control lets just say! Like for example: one fine night his boss is found dead.Found torn up by a Wolf?! Something strange is going on …and all the odds point to Simon.

This novel was great ,it tends to drag a little .But once your in it! You stay in it!!

I give Jason Starr 4 Stars
Great work !

Can’t wait to read the sequel