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Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I haven’t had a clue where this month even went! Never the less I have decided to dedicate July to my Vampire  genre lovers. It’s been awhile since I have read a good vamp book. And people I am not talking about Twilight either. I mean lets be real here ,I was right along with the teens..”oh I’m team Jacob !! It was all good in the hood in the beginning ! But like I have said before and I will stress it again. It’s old ..my apologies Stephanie . But it was good when it was good. What can I tell you other then ,it’s being drug out . I mean the last movie that’s coming out Breaking Dawn 2. Why . . .I mean just why?It should of been back to back . The novel was published Oct 5 2005. We are going in to 2013. Ok lets move on. Us adults need something more ,something HOT! Anne Rice did it right with the Interview with a Vampire.

Decision is with every post ,I will be suggesting a Vampire novel to read!!

VAMP CLUB (book of the day)

     Redemption by Susannah Sandlin   

Following a worldwide pandemic whose vaccine left human blood deadly to vampires, the vampire community is on the verge of starvation and panic. Some have fanned into rural areas, where the vaccine was less prevalent, and are taking unsuspecting humans as blood slaves. Others are simply starving, which for a vampire is worse than death—a raging hunger in a creature too weak to feed.

Immune to these struggles—at first—is Penton, a tiny community in rural Chambers County, Alabama, an abandoned cotton mill town that has been repopulated by charismatic vampire Aidan Murphy, his scathe of 50 vampires, and their willingly bonded humans. Aidan has recruited his people carefully, believing in a peaceful community where the humans are respected and the vampires retain a bit of their humanity.
But an unresolved family feud and the paranoia of the Vampire Tribunal descend on Penton in the form of Aidan’s brother, Owen Murphy. Owen has been issued a death warrant that can only be commuted if he destroys Penton—and Aidan, against whom he’s held a grudge since both were turned vampire in 17th-century Ireland.  Owen begins a systematic attack on the town, first killing its doctor, then attacking one of Aidan’s own human familiars.
To protect his people, Aidan is forced to go against his principles and kidnap an unvaccinated human doctor—and finds himself falling in love for the first time since the death of his wife in Ireland centuries ago. 

            Dr. Krystal Harris, forced into a world she never knew existed, must face up to her own abusive past to learn if the feelings she’s developing for her kidnapper are real—or just a warped, supernatural kind of Stockholm Syndrome in which she’s allowing herself to become a
victim yet again.