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Hey everyone are you enjoying the coolness outside on the East-coast or what? For once I am actually home all alone , no teens & making any noise in the background. In desperate & need to knock Mommy off the computer . Because we all know America Teens need their internet & access ! OMG the world is gonna end mom I need Face-book!!

As a librarian assistant it is also part of my job to help out with cataloging . I am not to sure how all other libraries work it . But at our’s the staff does a little bit of everything. I do alot of book suggesting for our library . Mainly for the Paranormal- Horror and Y.A genre.
The reason I get on to this subject is, something is really bothering with me. Publishers are making things just unnecessarily & Ridicules! Along with some authors too,

Everyone knows how essential the Library is to a neighborhood, a community?   Why make it hard for us? As if we don’t do enough struggling with funds! That you must hack up E-book prices?

How many of us buy  E-books ? Enough of us ,but is everyone aware of what Publishers are doing to your local library ? They have tripled prices for certain authors like James Patterson. Publishers like Random House , across the board popular genre’s have went up in price by 300%! You are not finding anything under 25$ if your a library! It’s unheard of ,some common titles are actually $100 a title.  Publishers like  Simon & Schuster ,Penguin don’t allow lending to Libraries what so ever!

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