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First things first people do you watch The Haunted Collector at all? Well everyone knows how I how i had no cable for like 2 weeks. So I just had to make a date night with my on demand and catch up with my paranormal shows. Well those of you that do not watch Sci-Fi it is a show ran by a guy named John Zaffis . This guy is pretty famous in the Paranormal society .
They actually made a post in the Huffington post.

The episode that I watched and really enjoyed was about them going to an old theater. This episode is  Haunted Island/ Ghost of Maui . Now I really love this show ,but out of all of them. This one actually caught on camera a glimpse of an apparition of ghost girl! Or at least in my mind that was. You can actually make it out ,to me it appears to be a girl in a white night gown or dress walking threw the room. It was AWESOME! Here is a link to the show.


  Crazy By Steven Lachance

Now I know I have talked to you guys before about this writer. He was the man who went threw that horrific haunting in Union Missouri house. He written a title about it called

 The Uninvited : The True Story Of The Union Screaming house. That book was unreal ,but very real. What that poor family went threw in that house was unimaginable . I was blown away about that story and I highly recommend reading it if your in to that type of non-fiction! I am totally .

In this 2nd novel he actually writes about other haunted storys.  It is the actual facts about what causes a situation in life to cause a haunting. This is the story before the haunting !! This makes this type of story entirely different.

See you must understand what that family went threw . Truly changed this man in to making it apart of his life  purpose to seek out the spirit realm . Also to  help others. This is a definitively a different type of haunted house tale.

I totally say 5 Star’s ..Lachance you left me wanting more!