Hey blog nation ,

My most favorite people there is. Book lovers and readers and writers from all shades and shapes and sizes. I have been gone so long for good reason. In case any of you would give a #hit. I have been going back to school working on getting my LPN. Not only that I am working on writing my first novel. Here is a little sample of the cover , although nothing is in stone yet. I do like  to have somethings already created to help me along. I don’t precisely have a legit title yet either. But for now it’s called Lakota Walkers. It is a horror/fall in love genre. This is one of the covers along with the many titles I think that I have given this novel already. lolI am writing about this small reservation in the South Dakota’s . A group of teens who go through this change in life  by a certain age. Thanks to this family curse that was casted on them ,many moons ago by another tribes ancestors. They will now have to pay a horrific price. But along the line , I have really bonded with my character’s .

Lakota (one of my main character) falls in love with an outsider boy. A boy from NY city that has lost his parents in tragic car accident and now has come to live on the reservation with his great-grandmother,who is feisty as ever!

Lakota though has problems on the horizon her father will not have this relationship happen, at all costs he will end it . When Lakota was born ,there was an arranged marriage set up another boy in the reservation by the name of Ahote. What will Lakota do?

I’m super excited about writing this story there aren’t very many novels out there with the Native American culture as the story base . Being that my ancestors where Sioux Indians. I thought this would be fun to do. Later in the week I would just love to share my  character’s with you along with who is who . With pictures that I have chosen ,to better visualize it all.

My book suggestion for today :

Notorious Nineteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel

new release Nov.20