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Seriously is it really almost Monday already? I  just had a wonderful week off . It’s really nice to be blessed with a job and an  option to have vacation time!! So now is the down fault of it all! This is it is  coming to an end! Well all good things must come to an end right? If you all  love books like I do, then you most likely have a Goodreads account.   Goodreads.com is a great website where you can have your own online library of  books. Where you keep record of all titles and reviews and suggestions. 

Well not only do I have my own ,but I just  recently started a group. Called Lady Voodoo & Hoodoo Reviews. Please join  in , I really need some extra readers to help me out a little with suggestions  and so forth.

The topic for today is Ghosts. I am currently  started my very own investigation on the Paranormal world. It does really  make  you want to know or understand what its really about. Where do we go when we  die? Some have no beliefs when it comes to life after death or in life in  general. But I’d like to think that we do have somewhere to go. This may be such  a touchy subject for some. So please if someone does comment on the subject,  lets not get bent out of shape over religion beliefs of it all .  Please do not  misunderstand anything that I am saying . I am a very spiritual person myself.  But I would like us all to just have an open talk about what you may think it’s  all about”

For me I know for a fact we exists after we  die! I totally believe this . I have had to many paranormal things occur in my  like to deny this! Because of this desire I have to understand. I decided to  take an online course with www.newageclass.com. Paranormal Investigator Certification Course  in this course  it not only talks about this Paranormal .But how we should have a healthy  mentality prior to even doing this , It features fresh thinking and concepts  that will not only educate, enrich, and balance you as a paranormal researcher,  but will also enrich your life and relationships.   And so with studying has to  some with some hands on right? Its only right . .I decided to start looking  around for some haunted locations,. Because there really isn’t to much going on  at my house. So me and my 17 year old decided to go out to the local Cemeteries  in town. We ventured out a couple times in the night time around 9 pm the first  time. I have to tell ya that this girl was a little nervous about going to an  open public place such as a cemetery so late. I kept having the thought of some  weirdo hanging out there. This for some mental reason Was much more scarier to  me then a spirit or dark entities. You never know what you’ll find out in the  public. So I just thought it would be much better to go a little bit earlier  then later. All in all the first visit we had was more about . Strange feelings  and cold spots. In which in that case is to hard to determined in March or  April.                                            03 02 13_0087

                         So we then decided to just go back in the daytime the next day. And so we did
and when we did I took the pic’s and discovered this!!

ghost-edit I just want to clarify that from this angle it’s hard to see the 2nd person. Look closely to this picture , you can see right off the bat that there is
something glowing . But directly behind this thing is a tall gentleman with dark
hair. Can you see the the two?  In that picture you can see this white faced phantom. But directly behind him
that guy shocks the crap out of me. If you look closely can you see part of his
front chest. You can see a shirt and tie . The tie is loosely undone.

This next one is an Orb , orb   Orbs There pretty funny to me only because I Orbs weren’t much of a subject that is until digital cameras came about. Some call it Backscatter an that has everything to do with the lighting in dark places . That cause a reflection or something of this sort of reasoning . Or it can be paranormal? ? Mystery ?? This is why its paranormal and it can not be explained . Even though this is a touchy thing for me . I am still going to count it as something to watch and document for the time being .

Doing this just starts a flam in me to invest in some more knowledge of the Paranormal. So I gathered up some Non-Fiction Ghost stories.


                                                      Ghost Under Foot

     The Spirit if Mary Bell (A True Story of one Family Haunting)                               

2012-Ghost-under-Foot-Dust-Weeks after settling into their new home in Fort
Collins, Colorado, retired police officer Kenneth W. Harmon and his family make
a chilling discovery: they’re living with a ghost. This true haunting story
begins during a ghost tour at the famous Stanley Hotel, where the Harmons
experienced headaches and paranormal phenomena. Once back at home, strange
rapping noises, eerie whispers captured on film, and unidentified figures in his
photographs compel Ken to research the land’s history. What he learns shocks
everyone: in the backyard sits the unmarked grave of Mary Bell Wilson, a young
woman who died of typhoid fever in the late 1880s. As his fixation grows, Ken
uses a dowsing rod to communicate with Mary Bell’s spirit and investigate her
brief life. The spirit’s surprising answers shed light on the nature of the
spirit world and the mysteries of crossing over.



An intriguing account of the Snedekers’ encounter with
the world of the supernatural describes the family’s move into a converted
Connecticut funeral home and their battle with sinister, inexplicable
phenomena.  Another real haunting along with Ed & Lorraine Warrren



A collection of stories that are not just campfire lore – these ghosts are real! In a fully up to date version, this collection provides over 100 genuine eyewitness accounts of hauntings, from all around the world and right up to the present day. These sightings could be from any suburb or hometown, and covers the full spectrum of credible hauntings. Also included are notes and essays by Robert Graves, Edgar Cayce, and M. R. James, a full bibliography and list of useful resources to bring out the believer in you.



                                                                                                                                                                   REAL GHOSTS , RESTLESS SPIRITS AND HAUNTED PLACES



     In addition to rounding up the usual suspects, including the Bell Witch, Borley
Rectory, the monster of Glarris Castle, and Gef, the mongoose/poltergeist on the
Isle of Man, this book includes much that is new for the dedicated ghost

Just one more thing before I leave this post. I would love for others to come forward and talk about the photo’s I took. If you have any as well please do share. Thanks