Hey Blog Readers I want to let everyone know for those of you that follow me from Blogger.com . I will be leaving the website (Blogger.com). I just find that there is just to many technical issues for me. So in the end I am going to have to stick with WordPress.com. So please if you are a follower of mine, please follow my updates at WordPress.com ladybookvoodoo.wordpress.com


Everyone that knows me is aware that I am a Paranormal Investigator. And in my spare time I study and research the paranormal. I mostly go to cemeteries and research the graves and the grounds. Take random pictures and EVPS. From time to time I’ll get an apparition . Check out this one .


This picture was discovered after taking random of 100 shots this past weekend at our local cemetery. This place dates back to the early 1800’s. I have not mastered the EVP thing just yet. Being that I am lacking one, I am currently forced to use my Droid. In this case it should be just as good. But the spirits just simply don’t wanna talk . But obviously they do not have a problem showing themselves to me.  Here is another . .

Ghost 2ghost

Please feel free to discus this with me . The Spirit World exists and I can prove it .

Coming soon . . .

Author Kenneth Harmon Interview