My friend and fellow Indie-Author Becky Pourchot has recently released a new book called “To Kiss a Ghost”.

The book is the second in her “Hungry Ghost” series and revolves around the continuing mis-adventures of Gala Rhyce, a teenage girl who doesn’t have enough trouble with teenage girl stuff…now she sees ghosts.

Even though Becky’s target audience is “young adults” – I read the first book in the series and enjoyed it very much. I’ll read the second one too, because I really like Becky’s writing style. She has a great sense of humor, which she combines with a vivid imagination, great characters and, of course, a fantastic setting (Flagler Beach).

Naturally, since we are friends, I offered to interview Becky for my blog in hopes that it would increase her fan base (she deserves it), but she had a better idea…

She suggested I interview Gala – her character…

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