I’m going to start this off on a serious note. For what I personally believe to be true , you might not. So please be kind and respectful if you choose to make a comment after this post.  Most people aren’t to educated about the spirit realm . And this is to be expected if your not in to the subject. And really in all honesty who truly knows ! But I do know by my very own experiences, that I have been kind of self taught on a lot of things. And also from learning a lot of things through  mediums or sensitive’s . Plus  being a sensitive myself , I am what is known as to be a Empathy – known as ‘cursed gift’ it’s a skill that allows people to sense emotional and physical states of others through psychic means . Sometimes this can be very stressful for me. Especially when I am around negative people. It can make me sick. It’s like I absorb the energy from them. I don’t know why and I haven’t figured out what to do with that just yet. So if anyone knows ,please message or comment me on it. Back to hauntings . . . .

Places such as houses or buildings aren’t the only way of a haunting occurs . People to can be haunted an most all property (such as Land) may be too. In this particular case its the land.

At least  Kenneth W Harmon’s case any way. . .

A while back I posted about a title in my T.B.R Pile called Ghost under foot. This was a non-fiction novel about a retired officer by the name if Kenneth W Harmon .
Kenneth also has a you tube video Check it out . .     


My opinion of The ghost Under Foot is that is was a remarkable piece of work. I would have to recommend this to every Paranormal Investigator to read! To everyone really !!

         I’m giving Kenneth 5 star’s .  He keeps you interested from the first sentence!


By Kenneth Harmon

Just for the courage of it all. In today’s world everyone is slowly awakening to noticing the spirit realm. There are just so many skeptics out there , who really knows what people are going to say.  I know by my own personal experiences with the paranormal.

This book is a fantastic story. Thank you Kenneth , you had the courage to share his experiences!   Kenneth makes it a breeze to read. One of those real I can’t put it away page turner’s.

One of those types of novels that you just don’t want to put down, because you just want to know what’s in the next page!!
I loved his work so much that I had to reach out to Kenneth and create my very first Author interview!


These are some of Kenneth’s personal pictures of the incident with Mary Bell .


                     Lady Book voodoo Interview with Kenneth W. Harmon

Lady Voodoo :  Is Mary Bell still around ?

Kenneth : Yes, she followed us when we moved back in 2010. Before we had even unpacked, the kids told us that sometimes when they were playing in their room, they heard knocking, and when they answered the door, no one was there. Since then, we have experienced numerous events that made us believe Mary Bell was with us. Objects moving on their own. Orbs being seen on film and with the naked eye. Doors opening without assistance etc. I also have been able to make a connection with Mary Bell inside the new house using dowsing rods, in fact, three other adults who are not members of my family have used the rods to talk with Mary Bell.

Lady Voodoo: Many researchers think that ghost’s will manifest on Halloween. Do you believe this to be true?

Kenneth: The first time anyone in my family saw the manifested spirit of Mary Bell was on Halloween eve. My wife was walking up the stairs to get our daughter Michelle, when she witnessed a small white figure glide into the kid’s bedroom. When she investigated, the room was empty. So, yes, based on this event, I believe there may be something to the belief that ghosts will manifest on or around Halloween

Lady Voodoo: At one point you felt that there might have been more than one spirit in the home. Do you think that might have been the case?

Kenneth:  We had numerous events occur inside the house that led me to believe we might have more than one ghost with us. My wife saw a shadow person downstairs one evening shortly after we first discovered that we had a ghost living with us. In addition, she has observed spirits on two occasions that did not fit the description of Mary Bell. While filming, there were times that I captured multiple orbs flying around a room. If each orb represented an individual spirit, then yes, we had more than one ghost. A few months ago, I observed the ghost of a man inside the master bedroom. Based on my description of the spirit, my wife said that it could be one of her brothers who died a few years ago.

Lady Voodoo: Do you feel that Mary Bell is attached to your family?

Kenneth: Yes, we do believe that Mary Bell has become attached to us. My guess is that she first was attracted to my youngest daughters, who were approximately the same age as her daughter Leona when Mary Bell died. Later, after we learned to communication with her using telepathy, and then with the rods, Mary Bell probably enjoyed having someone to talk with.

Lady Voodoo: What is your opinion on orbs? Some think they are not paranormal.

 Kenneth :  A number of people who investigate haunted locations discount orbs as evidence of paranormal activity. They will tell you that orbs are just dust particles. Many have formed this opinion based on comments made by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, founders of the Atlantic Paranormal Society or TAPS. When they first started their organization, Hawes and Wilson declared that no orbs are paranormal in nature. However, in their book, Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from the Atlantic Paranormal Society, Hawes and Wilson state that at the time they made that statement, it was not based on facts, but rather on their desire to bring attention to their group, and it worked. As for myself, I happen to believe that some, but not all, orbs are paranormal in nature, and this is based on my own personal experiences, and the experience of others in my family.

One night, I was alone inside the kitchen with the lights on, when a ball of light appeared in front of me, approximately two feet away. It was about the size of a tennis ball, light brown in color, with darker brown swirls throughout, ringed in royal blue light. The surface was glossy and wet in appearance. The orb hovered in front of me for about two seconds and then vanished. I quickly turned to my right and it was there again. The orb hovered for a couple more seconds before disappearing again. This orb displayed intelligence, and considering that I wasn’t filming at the time, it had nothing to do with dust. Inside our new home, my oldest daughter has seen orbs flying around in various rooms at all times of the day and night. One evening, at about 9:50, we held a communication downstairs to reach out to Mary Bell. The next day, my daughter said to me, “Did you have your communication shortly before ten?” After I confirmed the time she said, “A few minutes before ten I was stretched out on my bed reading a book when an orb appeared and floated right over my lap.”


Inside our old house, I used to film with the video camera in night shot mode. In December of 2007, on three consecutive nights, I captured a large number of orbs inside the master bedroom. They always appeared right after I climbed into bed. I included video from one of these nights on a longer video that I placed on my website on the “About the Book,” page. A few people have attacked this video. They claim that the orbs are nothing more than dust that was raised when I climbed in bed. With this in mind, I decided to try an experiment to see if I could create orbs. I filmed inside the master bedroom with the camera placed in the same position on the headboard, set in night shot mode. After a brief introduction, I climbed in and out of bed several times. I then beat my pillow in front of the camera, shook the sheets and blanket, and did whatever I could to stir up dust. When I reviewed the tape, I did not observe a single orb. I wasn’t surprised. Some nights, I could film a high volume of orbs inside a room, and then wouldn’t capture another orb in the same location, under the same conditions, for weeks. So, I have no doubt that some orbs are in fact paranormal. Author and artist, William Blake, speculated nearly four hundred years ago that when people die the energy from their body gathered along with the soul inside the brain and then left the body through the top of the head in the shape of an orb.


I believe that spirits live in the form of orbs, at least inside our plane, but see each other as they appeared while alive. Prior to first communicating with Mary Bell telepathically, we had only observed her in the form of an orb. One of the first things I asked her telepathically was if she would let us see her in “human form,” the way others saw her while she was alive. Immediately on the videos, after we went upstairs and left the camera running, I captured the camera shaking and making a strange grinding noise. This was Mary Bell absorbing energy in order to manifest. Three days later, I captured her manifested spirit on video and in a photograph.

 Lady Voodoo:  When you used the rods on one of your communication attempts and experiments, did it take time to make contact? Or was it instant?

 Kenneth : Sometimes when I used the rods to contact Mary Bell, it took over a minute before she responded, while other times, the rods crossed instantly to indicate her presence even before I had an opportunity to ask her a question.

 Lady Voodoo:  You also said that the rods caused you some discomfort to the degree that you had to place them down for a while. Can explain what it felt like?

Kenneth: The first time I used the rods was under the supervision of Duane and Susan Kniebes in our backyard. Duane and Susan used dowsing rods on behalf a project sponsored by the State of Colorado to locate unmarked pioneer graves in Larimer County. By the time they visited our house, they had located over 150 unmarked graves using dowsing rods. Duane and Susan came out to our house to help search the yard for a possible grave site. Duane explained that the rods would cross to indicate the presence of a grave. As I walked around the yard, holding out the rods, they suddenly crossed at a spot in the southeast corner of the yard. When they crossed, I felt energy surge into my hands and forearms. This energy surge felt like an electrical current passing into my body. After a few minutes at the location, I had to put the rods down because my hands and arms ached. When I first used the rods inside the house to communicate with Mary Bell, I experienced the same sensation of energy surging into my hands and arms, and as a result, I could only communicate for a short time due to the discomfort. Over time, my body became accustomed to using the rods, and I was able to use them for longer periods of time.

 Lady voodoo:  Do you have any advice to anyone who may attempt to use these rods?

Kenneth: Know who you are attempting to communicate with prior to using the rods. By the time the Kniebes visited our house, showed us how to use the rods, and then left us two pair of rods, I had already worked with the staff at the Fort Collins Museum to establish the identity of our ghost. I knew that Mary Bell Wilson was a peaceful, God-fearing woman, and we had nothing to fear. If our ghost had turned out to be a psychopath, things might have been very different. When investigating the paranormal, take it seriously. People have been injured investigating haunted locations. Even in our case, with Mary Bell being a passive individual, she did throw pictures off the wall over the stairs on two consecutive nights

Lady Voodoo: What are your thoughts on why Mary Bell sticks around?

Kenneth: I can only assume that she stays with us because we have been able to communicate with her. She has been with us since 2004.

Lady Voodoo: Did you ever think about hiring a medium to help Mary Bell move on?  

Kenneth: Yes, we have discussed bringing in a medium to help Mary Bell, however, we have received conflicting advice from paranormal investigators, and mediums, who told us that Mary Bell will cross on her own when she is ready. Still, at some point, we may have a medium come into the house and see if they can assist Mary Bell in crossing over. We have always tried to put Mary Bell’s interest first. I did write a book to share our story because I thought others might enjoy reading about it, and we also shared our story on the television series, My Ghost Story, but we have no plans to exploit Mary Bell’s presence for financial gain. We have many people asking to tour our home, but we have to refuse most of them because we respect Mary Bell’s right to peace. In the end, we will do whatever is best for Mary Bell. We recently had a gentleman over to the house that has psychic ability, and has communicated with spirits in the past, and he detected Mary Bell’s presence inside our house. He has assisted other spirits in crossing over, but he said that Mary Bell gave him no indication that she was ready to do this. We didn’t bring him in to try helping Mary Bell cross over, he only wanted to visit because he was writing an article about my book for his blog.

Lady Voodoo: In the end of your book you state that Mary Bell follows you. Are you worried that this might become an unhealthy attachment for you? 

Kenneth: When we first discovered that Mary Bell was with us, investigating her presence became something of an obsession for me. I needed to understand who and what we had living with us. As a parent, I wanted to protect my children. For about six months, I conducted research on an almost daily basis, but after that, I backed off. I had reached the point were further investigation seemed pointless. I had established that we had a ghost, had learned her identity, and established that none of us was in danger because of her presence. Now, we have grown used to having her with us. We no longer hold communications with Mary Bell, but do, on occasion, talk to her via the rods. I do not attempt to document her presence using the video camera. As a result, Mary Bell seldom does anything to make her presence known. Typically, she will do something about every six weeks, such as, moving an object, or making an unusual noise. A couple of weeks ago, she whispered “Hi,” inside my wife’s ear one morning when she was alone inside the kitchen. At this point I do not consider her presence an unhealthy attachment.

Lady Voodoo: Will you be writing more on the subject of the paranormal?

Kenneth : Probably not unless it is fiction. I have considered writing a sequel to Ghost under Foot: the Spirit of Mary Bell, but it would require more extensive investigation, and at this point in time, I’m not ready to commit myself or my family to that.

Lady Voodoo: What’s your next upcoming project?

Kenneth: My true passion is fiction writing. I’ve had short stories published in various anthologies and online. Last year, I finished a novel that took second place in both the Pikes Peak Writer’s and the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association contests. Unfortunately, the protagonist was a vampire, and I was told by an agent who liked the book, that publishers just aren’t interested in anything with vampires at the moment. I have returned to my mainstream roots and hope to have a new novel finished soon.

I want to thank Kenneth for taking the time to answer my questions. You have created a wonderful non-fiction title. And I look forward to reading what ever else you have written .

For those of you that are interested in buying Ghost Under Foot here is a link