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Insomnia. An inability to sleep; a state of agitated wakefulness, often as a result of troubling thoughts. The word derives from the Latin roots in (“not”) + somnus (“sleep”). Further back, the word traces to the Proto-Indo-European, in the term swepnos, meaning “dream.” In somnia: engaged in the act of dreaming. Somnus also refers, in the figurative sense, to death. The ancient Roman god of sleep shared that name; he was a son of Night and brother of Death. To sleep, perchance to dream. To dream, perhaps of dying. All themes in this collection. Includes the following titles: The Grin – a classic nightmare story extracted straight from the deepest recesses of a man-child’s troubled mind. The Scenario Egg – an investment broker enjoys the spoils of his fast-paced lifestyle until failure, a beautiful woman, and an odd-looking device conspire to make him second guess what is good and right, and what is real and fantasy. A Thing for Zombies – a dark satire about young love and the steps one might take to win another’s affection. Reached in Error – The lines between technology and the paranormal blur in this tale about a device that allows the living to communicate with the dead. Raise the Dead – when a mysterious musician applies for an opening in Chris Stephens’s high school band, strange things begin to happen, some of them wonderful, some of them horrifying. The Sacrifices We Make – a child’s abduction wakes a drowsy little town from a forgetful stupor. The Promises We Keep – young lovers make a vow that they never in their wildest dreams ever expected to have to keep. Approximately 85000 words. Some material may not be appropriate for readers younger than 14.
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