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   New Releases for June 4 2013:

Tiger Magic (Shifters Unbound series#5) by Jennifer Ashely
The Lucifer Glass by Frazer Lee
The Midnight Man by Stephen Laws
The Geisters by David Nickle

Do you want to know why I call Tuesday either Twisted Tuesday or Terrible Tuesday? One can only help to assume it is because of the simple golden rule that we don’t care for it  because it follows right after Monday !! I hate Mondays . 🙂 It truly makes me feel as if I were in Omega Day’s ,



Publication Date: Feb.20,2013   Publisher: Wild Highlander Press (February 20, 2013)

4.5 star Review out 5 on Amazon

Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1482607948

Eight million walking dead stalk the San Francisco Bay Area, with more on the way. Scattered refugees – a priest with a bloody past, a college girl turned sniper, escaped San Quentin inmates and others – will quickly learn the three most important rules of survival: Make your bullets count. Don’t fall behind. Don’t…get…bitten!
Fast-paced and packed with zombie action, Book One of the Omega Days series lights off the apocalypse with a scream, and tears California to pieces!
I just love the Zombie books !! There the best !

      Captivated (An Affliction Novel)  4.3 out 5 Star Review


ASIN: B0055V05DG   Publication Date: 06/2011 : Written By Deb Apodaca

  • Publisher: Eminent Books; 3rd edition (June 10, 2011)

After Mindy’s childhood best friend, Dean Aiken, shuts her and everyone else out
of his life, she learns to move on. Years pass and she gets used to the fact
that he’s no longer a part of her life, but things begin to

Mindy’s new best friend, Markus Medina, witnesses Dean kill two
people behind a club. Mindy has a hard time believing him, especially when he
mentions that the bodies disappear. Poof! Into thin air. Markus decides he has
to follow Dean around in order to get evidence that he’s been killing people, so
he doesn’t sound like a nut to the police.

Despite Marcus’ crazy
theories about the possibility of Dean not being human. And not to mention the
fact that he’s dangerous. Mindy can’t help that she may be falling in love with
him. Even after hiding their feelings for each other from the world. Dean and
Mindy being together stirs up dangers that neither of them could ever imagine.
When she finds out about what Dean really is and the world he tried to keep her
away from…it’s already too late.

Unattainable (An Affliction Novel #2) by Raven    4.5 out 5 star Review                               untani

Publication Date: July 27, 2012

“What’s going on?” asked Markus. “I want to kill him!” Dean exclaimed grimly. “Who?” asked Markus. Then Dean jerked his head towards us as his chest expanded in and out. Markus turned and spotted us in the distance. He froze as his eyes landed on Shane and me. Then he began to breathe hard and I heard his heart accelerate. “You can’t.” Markus said while staring at me with widened eyes. “I need to kill something! Damn it Markus. I’ve never been so pissed.” Dean stopped pacing and he stopped punching the obliterated wall behind him. He looked at Shane and then back at me, then he began walking towards us in determination with his head lowered and murderous eyes focused. “Hey! What are you doing?” called Markus as he caught up to Dean. “You can’t!” “Screw everything. I’m killing him right now! Here! Tonight!” Dean said darkly as he closed the distance between us.