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Guess what Word Press it is Thursday and after the week that I had ,Friday can not get here any faster! So let me start this blog off today with my movie discussion of the week.



                                                  I’m gonna give Dark Skies  4star

So I finally got to see Dark Skies , and I have to tell you it wasn’t to bad! I give it 4 out of 5 ! It’s a story about a suburb family that has the same normal bull shit in life that we all go thru. Its a mother played by Keri Russell and the Father I am not to sure of , I believe his name is Josh Hamilton. I haven’t seen him in anything prior to this. And they have  2 kids (Boys) A typical 13 year old and like a 7 year old. The parents are struggling to keep their heads a float. The dad lost his job and has been searching for work. While Keri Russell (the mom) is a realtor . As we all know being a realtor, if you don’t sell ,you don’t make $. So long story short the family begins to experience different and odd occurrence’s happening with in the home. Like waking to there sliding doors open in the middle of the night and all there dishes and cabinet belongings out. And on top of one another like some type of game or something . Along with these markings reflecting off of the glasses on to the ceiling. It looked somthing along the line of what you will see in crop circles .


                                                                Greg F. Gifune


Author Bio (Website) http://www.gregfgifune.com/biography.html

Called “One of the best writers of his generation” by both the Roswell Literary Review and author Brian Keene, and praised by masters like author Ed Gorman, Greg F. Gifune is the author of numerous short stories, several novels and two short story collections (HERETICS and DOWN TO SLEEP).  His work has been published all over the world, consistently praised by readers and critics alike, received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and The Midwest Book Review (among others) and has recently garnered interest from Hollywood. His novels include CHILDREN OF CHAOS, DOMINION, THE BLEEDING SEASON, DEEP NIGHT, BLOOD IN ELECTRIC BLUE, SAYING UNCLE, A VIEW FROM THE LAKE, NIGHT WORK, DRAGO DESCENDING, CATCHING HELL, JUDAS GOAT, LONG AFTER DARK and KINGDOM OF SHADOWS.


      Apartment 7


 It’s Christmastime in the city, but all is not merry. Something is happening in
Apartment Seven. Something evil.

Charlie Cerrone thought he had it all—a
loving marriage, a good job, a nice home and financial security—until the night
his wife betrayed him and his entire world came crashing down.

Angry and
confused, Charlie wanders the streets of Boston after dark, dazed and searching
for answers, trying to figure out why his wife has apparently taken up with
another man and why she’s been frequenting a strangely ominous and otherwise
abandoned building late at night in one of the worst neighborhoods in the

Throughout the cold winter night, Charlie descends deeper and
deeper into a nightmarish journey that encompasses his past, present and future,
a terrifying and surreal odyssey that leads him through the darkest alleys and
most dangerous streets of a haunted city, and that will eventually put him
face-to-face with the horrific riddle behind his own troubled existence and the
shocking mysteries of Apartment Seven

IntoTheShadows72smCatchingHell72smA View from the Lake
Katherine and James were happy running a small lakeside resort, until tragedy struck. Katherine watched her husband slowly spiral into insanity. Then he vanished. Now Katherine faces the winter alone. But is something luring her toward the same madness that claimed James?

Catching Hell
They were four friends in search of fun and chasing Hell. They hadn’t counted on catching it. Stranded in a strange rural town, they are about to discover this is a place of horrific age-old rituals and a legendary evil that will let no one escape without paying a terrible price.

Many more . . .