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On today’s post I am going to give a shot out to Author Emily Guido. She has a hot series thats coming soon on my TBR Pile called The Light-Bearer Series . This post is for you girly. . .

Charmeine: Light-Bearer Series (Bk.1)  4 1/2 out of 5 star rating

Can a romance develop between a Hellish Vampire Blood-Hunter and a Heavenly
Light-Bearer? Living a life of darkness and forever damned, Tabbruis has
wandered the Earth alone aimlessly, living through many historical events in
constant search for the place he belongs. Suddenly, he feels a pull to the US
and plagued with visions of a beautiful woman. Her smile and light leaves him
wanting more. What Tabbruis finds is so much more than just a pretty face; he
finds his reason for his very existence. Charmeine just came to Earth, waking up
alone and unable to remember anything. She has no idea who or what she is, let
alone the danger which is about to find her. The Blood-Hunters want to destroy
the one light which could end all darkness as we know it. When Tabbruis meets
Charmeine the magic is immediate. They are polar opposites and clash together in
a dramatic way, their powers and attraction growing exponentially the more this
star-crossed couple are thrown together to fight. Separated for hundreds of
years, with no memory of whom or what they are, their mission looks pretty grim.
Their love is strictly forbidden. Like most good things, love comes with a
price. They begin the journey to redemption for the Blood-Hunters and
Light-Bearers and realize they are not alone. Will Charmeine and Tabbruis
fulfill their destinies? Will they realize their importance in both the
Blood-Hunter and Light-Bearer world?

BloodLust (Rapid City Wolves) By Chairty Santiago


Eve came
to Rapid City to escape her parents’ messy divorce, but what she finds in South
Dakota exceeds her wildest dreams- and nightmares. After Eve is attacked by a
wolf outside her grandmother’s house, she stumbles into a new and frightening
existence as an alpha werewolf.

Fated to lead the pack and obligated to choose a
beta to lead beside her, Eve still cannot bring herself to forget Jericho, the
mysterious vampire who saved her life. Will the wolves force Eve to choose
between her destiny and her soulmate?