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Sunful Saturday Review


I sware to you that this time I am not going to complain because this is my last Saturday to open and close the Library for the rest of the summer.



                                                      Best Sellers in Horror

                                                  As of: 06-26-2013 17:00

  1. Night Terrorsby Jonathan Janz
  2. The Girl from the Blood Covenby Brian Moreland
  3. The Graveyard Speaksby Hunter Shea
  4. The Childrenby Jonathan Janz
  5. The Night Everything Changedby Kristopher Rufty
  6. Dark Zoneby Jonathan Janz
  7. Killer’s Diaryby Brian Pinkerton
  8. Amongst the Deadby David Bernstein
  9. Black Magicby Russell James
  10. Borealisby Ronald Malfi

                                                                  Night Song



He’s a centuries old vampire who doesn’t do domestication. She’s a single mother struggling to survive. Evil brings them together, but will their love be enough to keep them alive?

He doesn’t have time for a fling, doesn’t know anything about kids, and certainly doesn’t do domestication.

Aiden Reed is a member of the elite Rogue Hunters, a band of vampires who hunt down and eliminate those of their kind who cross the line and kill indiscriminately. It’s his job to keep the innocents safe and he’s proud of what he does. Yet once he sees his sexy next door neighbor, he can’t keep his mind, or his hands, off her.

She’s been overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed since her husband left her for another woman.

It’s all Amy Carmichael can do to make her mortgage payments and put food on the table for her three children. She definitely doesn’t want another relationship, not when her last one was such a miserable mistake. So why do her thoughts keep straying to her new neighbor whose voice reminds her of melted butter rolling over hot pancakes?

They’re definitely not suited, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting each other. And when Aiden’s dangerous life spills over into Amy’s, threatening her son, Aiden will do anything to keep the family he didn’t want, but now loves, safe.

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                                        BY BLOOD BY TRACY BANGHART
                                                      THE NIGHTWALKER
This title here was named one of the top 5 of Werewolve novels!
Written by Thomas Tessier
Bobby can gradually feel changes taking over his body. Can he be responisible for the rein of terror that has taken over London?
Can he be the Werewolf?
                                                             Series to think about?
Bloodvine             by  Amber Belldene
bvBlood Entangled Bk2   By Amber Belldene                                vb