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         BLACK MAGIC        

Paperback, 280 page
  Published        May 7th 2013         by Samhain Publishing
ISBN  1619213451                      (ISBN13: 9781619213456)


In this magic shop the magic is real. And the trick is on you.

Citrus Glade is a dying town that needs new businesses, but the one that just opened is doing much more harm than good. Stranger Lyle Miller’s magic shop seems to only stock what its select customers desire. When four outcast boys buy common party tricks, only Lyle knows what those tricks can really do. As subtle changes occur around town, a few residents realize that something is amiss…and getting worse. But it may already be too late. Lyle’s black magic has empowered more townspeople to help him execute his Grand Adventure, a plan that will reduce the town, and half the state, to rubble


Death Perception   by Lee Allen Howard


Nineteen-year-old Kennet Singleton lives with his invalid mother in a personal care facility, but he wants out. He operates the crematory at the local funeral home, where he discovers he can discern the cause of death of those he cremates—by toasting marshmallows over their ashes.

He thinks his ability is no big deal since his customers are already dead. But when his perception differs from what’s on the death certificate, he finds himself in the midst of murderers. To save the residents and avenge the dead, Kennet must bring the killers to justice.


The Orphan Choir

tocA terrifying new Hammer horror novella from the master of the pyschological thriller, the award-winning Sophie Hannah.
It is so hard when your children go to school. A small part of you leaves with them. So when the Beeston’’s son is accepted on a prestigious choral scholarship to a boarding school near their holiday home in the country it seems like the perfect time to get out of the city.

Things have been bad with their neighbour for a while now anyway. Susannah has long been driven mad by the constant and thudding music coming from next door every weekend. And his latest taste in choral music seems like a taunting, especially as he always plays it when her husband Daniel is away.

But their move to the country doesn’’t offer the solace Susannah needs. Again she is plagued by the sounds of a children’’s choir. It follows her wherever she goes. So when the children turn up on her doorstep, she’’s ready to call the police. But this is no normal choir