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Sunful Saturday Review

WhitStable By Stephen Volk


1971. A middle-aged man, wracked with grief, walks along the beach at Whitstable in Kent… A boy approaches him and, taking him for the famous vampire-hunter Doctor Van Helsing from the Hammer movies, asks for his help. Because he believes his stepfather really is a vampire…So begins the moving and evocative new novella by Stephen Volk, published by the British Fantasy Award-nominated Spectral Press in May 2013 to coincide with the centenary of the most celebrated and beloved of Hammer’s stars, Peter Cushing

The Crossing By Joe McKinney

thecrossAmerica is divided. A massive wall has been constructed to separate Free America, where life is as normal as it ever was, from the regions of Texas and the Gulf Coast populated by millions of the flesh-eating dead and the hopeless survivors they hunt-the so-called Forgotten. With so much desperate hunger, the equilibrium afforded by the wall can not hold, and there are rumors of a secret passage from the Quarantine Zone into Free America. Investigative journalist Samantha Calloway isn’t satisfied with a rumor, nor with an entire segment of U.S. citizenry being forgotten. One night, in search of answers, she steals past the Coast Guard blockade and lands on a deserted beach in South Texas. Her mission: spend three weeks wandering the ruins, finding out how those left behind live their lives and whether or not escape is possible. Get in and get out. It’s all supposed to be very easy. But in the Quarantine Zone, every scrap, morsel, and movement has a price, and the only thing that comes easy is death. Set in Joe McKinney’s Dead World (Dead City, Apocalypse of the Dead, Flesh Eaters, and the upcoming Mutated), The Crossing sets the stage for his epic zombie collection, Dating in Dead World: The Collected Zombie Stories, Volume One, coming from Print Is Dead Books in Summer 2012.  Includes a four-chapter extended preview of Scavengers by Nate Southard.

Dark county: ten tales of rural terror


The author of BENEATH takes you one a Journey into the dark heart of rural England Lincolnshire, a place of beauty and peace, but also a place of bleakness and violence. In this collection of short stories, Amazon bestselling horror writer, Kit Tinsley explores the darkness at the centre of the countryside. The ten tales within cover many aspects of the horror genre, from the supernatural to all too human evil. Included stories: A DRIVE IN THE COUNTRY – A troubled, married couple seek a pleasant day out, but it goes very wrong when they have an accident on the isolated, country road. TRACKS – A young, deaf boy tries to prove his bravery by exploring a ghostly local legend, but will he survive the tracks? THE HOUSE BY THE MARSH – A group of childhood friends find their whole lives haunted by a chance encounter with a derelict old house. THE CROWS – A career criminal takes on one last job too many. FEAR AND LOATHING IN SKEG VEGAS – A young man with a gambling addiction owes money to a very dangerous man. Will a meeting with a strange old man save him, or damn him? These stories and more will open you eyes to what is hidden under the surface of the DARK COUNTY.