Scary Mary by SA Hunter

4.3 out of 5 stars


Mary has always been different. She’d like to be normal, but being able to
hear ghosts means she’ll never be like everyone else. She starts her junior year
of high school hoping to be left alone, but Cyrus Asher is new and doesn’t know
or seem to care that she’s an outcast. They start hanging out and all is well
until she goes over to his house. Cy’s house is haunted, and not by Caspar, the
friendly ghost.

But it’s not the ghost that ruins the
evening. That honor belongs to Vicky “The Hickey” Nelson with her borrowed Ouija
board and stuck-up friends. They make Mary so angry that she uses the ghost to
freak out everybody, Cy included. He orders her out, and Mary thinks she’s lost
whatever chance she had with him. But there’s still the ghost to deal with. He’s
mean, nasty, and possibly homicidal. She has to get rid of him or Cy and his
family could be hurt. Or worse.

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Out of the Night  by Patrick Whaler     4.7 out of 5 stars

Out of the Night  by Patrick Whale

The strangers came under cover of darkness and camped high on the hill just west of town. Then the deaths began – horrible, savage, beyond comprehension – one every night for five nights. When two young boys disappeared, the enraged townsfolk of Ravina swept up the cemetery hill, a dark vengeful mass knowing neither pity nor remorse – only the terrible need to shed blood for blood. In their walk they left six grim shadows hanging from a gnarled oak tree.
A century later the cemetery still stands atop the hill. The mortuary is presided over by the horrcove twins, wizened old men who rarely see the light of day. And death has returned to Ravina, California. A series of grotesque murders committed at night has the town in the grip of terror. Only one man – famed archeologist Martin Larchmont – suspects the truth. His convictions are looked upon as the raving of a crazy old man, yet as the murders continue, only Larchmont can save the town. He joins forces with Sheriff Henry Sutton, once a non-believer, now driven by hi own desire for revenge. Together they must fight aginst the consuming evil that threatens to engulf them all…
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                                            The Pack  By Joe Mikolay  4.3 out of 5 stars
West Chatham was a quiet town, sleepily wrapped up in its suburban comforts. It
was a place where everyone knew that every day would play out to the same
familiar melody, and every night would shroud them in tranquil silence. It was a
simple town, with simple people living simple lives- or so it seemed from the
outside looking in.

Until the day came when dozens of mauled and
devoured carcasses were revealed by the unblinking light of the sun. And the
night came when concealed horrors lurked, piercing the shrouded silence with
bestial howls. For once The Pack claims a territory as its own, the feeding
frenzy begins.