Thursday is such a fun day , and don’t all you people read this and say to yourself this Bitch is corny. Because if you work Monday thru Friday , only then will you know and feel my pain! I am crazy jam-packed with books to review . And there is never enough time to read , write a blog and a novel. Since I’m on the subject. How many of you read or write on Watt Pad? If you have never been then here is a link for you to check out.

At Wattpadd people read and write their fiction and post it for others to read. Well I have been creating a horror genre story to post. Like a weekly chapter thing. Almost as if I post one chapter a week or something. Check it out. Once I post the first chapter I will let everyone know (If your interested)

                                                                Line Up’s

                                                                 Snuff Eric Enck


Eric Enck, author of TELL ME YOUR NAME, THE RECKONING and GHOST OF A CHANCE and Adam Huber, Journalist for a top selling Newspaper bring you the ultimate horror novel.When an out of work movie actor and a pornographer band together to create Snuff films, things look great. The money is rolling in, despite the death count. Both men begin a vicious killing spree in their films as more and more people are demanding the best in bloody porn.When the mafia becomes involved, things couldn’t be better, until one of the victims turns out to have a father more disturbing than any killer out there. Soon, the tables are turned on the filmakers as a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues. This is a brutal novel. It’s already being called one of the most disturbing efforts is literature and is being advised to come with a WARNING: label


Edmund moves across the desolate landscape lumbering towards home. He arrives,
overjoyed to discover that his family is dead – they did not have to live
through The Fall, did not have to fight cannibals and bandits, did not have to
survive the apocalypse. They did not suffer. Like millions of others they got
caught up in pandemic flu and died. Satisfied, after nine-years of traveling,
Edmund can get on with what is left with his life. He finds a local cluster of
fellow survivors, including a friend from his past, and joins the difficult task
of rebuilding a world undone by disaster.

His comfort is short-lived. Not
long after settling into his new home, he discovers that he has become unstuck
in time. Through an unknown mechanism, he oscillates between past and future,
hope and despair. He rushes to determine how this is happening, and to do
something – anything – to save the world he knew, while contemplating whether
what he is experiencing is real or madness brought on by a decade of looming

This is the first book of the series. The second is available
on Kindle, and is called Darkness and the Radiance of Neamh.