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How many times in your life have you opened a novel that was so good that it ruined it for you for others? Is it just me or has any of you guys experience that. One of my favorite Authors Shannon Mayer’s Nevermore Series was so good that I past it among friends and in one week they all finished it. You guys really have to check it out!

TBR List:  (This is a list of titles that are coming up next month for my reviews and Authors of the month posts)

  • What we once Feared By Carrie Ryan (another awesome author)
  • Life After (A werewolf novel) By Mercedes Ludill
  • Ragnarok Rising: The Awakening By D.A Roberts
  • A Haunted life by Debra Robertson
  • Voyage of the Dead Bk. 1 By David P Forsyth
  • conceived in Blood By Linda Andrews
  • Bloodroom By Naima Haviland
  • Our Souls to keep By Gary Curso

         Kept (Blood Lust ) By Zoe Winters

        3.58 of 5 star at Goodreads.com


As a cat therian (shifter), Greta’s blood is already sought after to enhance spells and potions, but due to a quirk of her birth, her blood is potent enough to kill for. When her tribe plans to sacrifice her, Greta must ally herself with Dayne, the dangerous local sorcerer, and the only person strong enough to protect her.

North West Passage by Barbera Roden   5.0 out of 5 stars Review at Amazon.com


Be careful what you wish for. Young men in search of adventure… explorers driven to investigate the ends of the earth… a girl trying to find the perfect hiding place… a curiosity-seeker drawn to an abandoned amusement park. All of them are looking for something – and unfortunately, they usually find it. For the very unlucky, it sometimes finds them!  In these ten spellbinding stories by World Fantasy Award winner Barbara Roden, very little is as innocent as it seems; but much is haunting, enigmatic, and terrifying. Where the Twilight Zone ends, the Northwest Passages begin.

The Boundless Deep By Kate Brailer              Amazon Say’s 3.7 out of 5 stars


Philosophers have said that we travel through our lives, past and present, surrounded by the same souls, that we spend each new life trying to mend the hurts we’ve done to one another in the past. In The Boundless Deep, Kate Brallier explores this idea in a combination of strong storytelling and gifted characterization.
Grad student Liza has long been plagued by vivid dreams of whaling. Offered the chance to trade her land-locked existence for a summer on Nantucket, the well-preserved heart of New England’s whaling trade, Liza jumps at the chance, eager to see how well her dreams mesh with historical reality.
The answer is: all too well. Liza’s dreams become highly sexual; her visions of ship’s captain Obadiah Young grow increasingly intense.
At times the past and present mix before her eyes, with automobiles replaced by horse-drawn carriages.
Though skeptical of Liza’s claims of a past life, whaling museum curator Adam is drawn to Liza’s intense desire to know the truth—about herself, and about Obadiah, accused of murdering his beautiful, young wife.  But Adam isn’t the only man with an interest in Liza—handsome Lucian, whose home Liza is sharing for the season, has designs on her as well.
In a single summer, Liza must answer the riddle of her dreams, reunite lovers separated by death, solve a hundred-year-old murder . . . and figure out her heart’s desire.