I love when this time of the week arives .  It really creates a stir of excitment inside , considering that I dont have to look at another two faced person again that is till Monday . Ah but even with that I only have to slave myself for another week and then . . .drum roll please . Weeks vaction and the teens go back to school! Can I get a Amen 🙂

Today’s line up


3.8 out of 5 stars


The quaint Florida town of St. Augustine is a magnet for tourists. But one site is off-limits even for the locals.
Built on the site of an ancient Indian village, Tolomato Cemetery has been closed for years. But now a slaughtered Wiccan priestess has been discovered on the grounds. Human remains have been found in a nearby Dumpster. And a cryptic message is haunting a woman’s sleepless nights–a warning that the doors between two worlds have been opened.
Whatever’s buried in Tolomato Cemetery is more than legend.
It’s alive.

                                          THE DARK HOUSE BY Lynette Ferreira

2.4 out of 5 stars

Publication Date:September 25, 2010
This ebook has been updated to include seven more popular flash fiction stories. (July 2013)

Flash Fiction
The Dark, Dark House: In a dark forest, there is a dark house with an even darker secret. Fifteen Seconds Ago: Life is unpredictable, so maybe things do not always have to be perfect.

My Child, My Life: We can learn a lot from the elderly instead of always pushing them aside.
My Entry into the Abyss: She is afraid of who she really is, when Dr. Anderson leads her into a meditative state.
The Beginning of a Life Misunderstood: In this life Arrabelle is a homophobic, but what happens when she is reincarnated?
The Tokolosh: According to an African Legend, The Tokolosh will fetch you when you do things you should not.
GASP!: It is the new drug of choice. It’s free and everybody is doing it, so it should be safe, shouldn’t it?
She Loves Me … Not: There are many different forms of abuse, and when we are little, words hurt more than sticks and stones.
                                                FULLMOON ISLAND by Terry Yates
 Twenty-two people are left behind on a military island with a hurricane bearing
down on them. Battling the elements will be hard enough, but when a stranger
joins them with no memory of his name or the curse that he carries, a hurricane
is the least of their worries.
Thomas Devereux and his two close companions get more than they bargain for on this year’s hunt for North American Grizzly. The Group and their hunting guides find themselves stranded on a snow covered mountain after their helicopter crash lands during an early winter storm. Unable call for rescue, they struggle against the elements in the hopes that help will soon arrive.
They are not alone. Death stalks the mountain in the form of a savage beast thought to exist only in nightmares – a creature of pure evil whose sole purpose is to feast on human flesh.
Thomas and his companions must come to terms with the existence of the beast and find a way to defeat it…or become its next victims. Jack, Thomas’s Siberian Husky, stands alongside the group in their battle against the monster and the elements as each night brings terror unlike any they have ever known.
About the Author:
After earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems in 2007, Shawson Hebert accepted employment with a Fortune 500 Telecommunications Corporation where he works as a Systems Analyst and Web Developer. He lives at home in Louisiana with his family and their two Siberian Huskies. This is his first novel.