Creatures of the Night – The Beginning


Vast as they are, the Rocky Mountains still hold secrets that have yet to be
unveiled. Now through the encroachment of mankind, some of their darkest legends
are regretfully becoming reality.
Hidden deep in the dark timber, the
dwelling stood alone and abandon. The log cabin had always been a peaceful
retreat for Ken, Sue and the Hunter family. They had loved the evening walks
through the dark timber that surrounded their cabin. They enjoyed the wildlife
with which they gladly shared the mountain. They had always felt at peace with
the world there, comfortable at home and safe. With the passing of one
horrifying night, all of that would change forever.
In terror, the Hunters
fled the cabin and after having been in the family for almost sixty years, they
sold it, never to return.
Although I lost two dear friends that night, in
the most, gruesome deaths imaginable, looking back, I now consider them to be
the lucky ones.
It is to their memories, I dedicated this book.


Kidnapped and secretly transported to the Canadian wilderness, five strangers are abandoned on an island in the midst of a huge glacial lake. When the full moon rises, they become prey for the most unholy of creatures. Stalked by a blood-maddened beast, the five struggle to survive on the Island of the Wolf.
Here are two titles that I will be reading and reviewing in the next couple weeks and I am really excited!
vwWerewolves are living in town. Some are good, some are bad, and some are really bad. Vengeance of the Werewolf is filled with suspense of the hunt for the werewolf, explicit sexual situations, gore as only werewolves can inspire. This book isn’t intended for younger readers as it is rated R. Wolfcreek’s werewolves are raw, dangerous, compassionate, vengeful, vicious, and human. There are no mad beasts here, these monsters know exactly what they are doing as they retain their human control when in beast form.
lawdPeople are changing into werewolves all over the country. Men, women, and
children are being killed. The human population of the United States is
Randi and surviving members of her family escape the city and
take refuge in the deserted grasslands. They think they’ll be safe from the
horrors destroying civilization until it comes knocking on their front
Many will die in the now apocalyptic United States. Many will be
changed forever into something which shouldn’t exist. Love, death, and new life
will be found in the wasteland.
This is the story of Randi and her family’s
everyday struggles. Beware surviving in this new world can be very dangerous and