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Author of this weekend is Author Eric Wilder

wilder_17003009Came out with some interesting titles starting with The Big Easy



Someone is killing New Orleans’ street people and this is hurting the City’s tourist trade just beginning to recover from Hurricane’s Katrina and Rita. More than just simple acts of murder, voodoo is involved, the killer possibly an actual Vodoun deity. Homicide detective Tony Nicosia seeks the help of Wyatt Thomas, the City’s foremost expert on a very secret and often seedy side of the Big Easy. Wyatt enlists the aid of Mama Mulate, Tulane English professor, and an actual voodoo mambo, to assist him. Together, they unravel the strangest mystery to hit the venerable city since Marie Laveau herself. Take a deep breath, and then prepare to see the Big Easy, as you have never imagined.

So I have decided to make a list of my personal favorite blogs to share . Every week I will post about a fellow blogger ,that I love an share some of there goodness with you . Now before I even go further , for those of you that are new to my blog . If your not a fan of anything Paranormal or Horror. Then I must tell you, don’t bother to read any further. This is just for fans of the horror, Paranormal Genre.

One of my personal favorites is Bitten Books . . now that is a kick ass blog. I even supplied you guys with free title links to amazon from there blog! Thanks Bitten Books. http://bittenbybooks.com/


New Free Reads this Week:  Image

Dog Treat Cookbook: 20 Homemade Recipes Your Dog will Love
Summons: A Goblin King Prequel: Novella (Shadowlands)
Dirty Magic – (Extended Free Preview) (Prospero’s War) by Jaye Wells
Blood Bites: Three Vampire Tales
Drink Like A God: A Vessel Recipe Book
Delirium (Debt Collector 1)
Teasing the Billionaire (The Woman of the Billionaire’s Dreams)
Awakening (The Watchers Trilogy)
Captured (The Captive Series Book 1)
Midnight Fire – Rise of the Dark Angel – Book One
Unleashed Fury (BloodRunes: Book 1)
The Wolf Ring (The Wolf Ring Series)
The Child of Mystery : Chains of Darkness 1
Vampire Love Story (Vampire Love Story #1)
Untamed Magick ( paranormal erotic romance ) (Pentacles of Magick)
The Ghost Hunter (The Hunter Series)   Cameron’s Law (The Adelheid Series)
Enchantment (A Magical YA Paranormal Romance: Book One)
Soul Mates Kiss : Witching Call 1 (Witching Call Book)
Valens Remembered, A Paranormal Fantasy Romance (Book 1, The Valens of Legacy Series)
The Mystic Wolves
A Cajun Werewolf Christmas (Stormy Weather, Book 6)
All in Time
The Wild’s Call
Glamour (Rae Wilder)
BAIT (Angler book 1) (The Angler)
Tranquility (OtherKin)
Compelled (The Adam Chronicles)
Feral Attraction (Broods of Fenrir)
Redemption (Redemption Series)
Enchanted Immortals (Book 1)
Insight (Book One) ((Insight) Web of Hearts and Souls)
Hunter’s Choice (The Hunters)
Alone (The ‘Serenity’ Series, Book One)
Kamikaze (Last Call #1)
The Guest (The Chosen Chronicles)
The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter: Part I
Crescent Bound – Book 1
Betrayal’s Shadow (The Guardians of Eden Book 1)
Hearts Aflame Collection: 4-Book Bundle– 4 Books!
Cloning Death
Lone Wolf Rising (Paranormal Romantic Thriller) (The Winters Series)


And for this weekends suggest’s. . . . Image

     Ivory by Steve Merrifeild 


Martin Roberts is a university professor and an artist who finds himself losing touch with his art, his life, and his family. When he has an accident involving a young woman of striking appearance, he feels himself drawn to find her, as if she is the link that will put him back in touch with his art. But he has to question how far he will let his obsession for this woman go and what he is willing to give up for that quest.

Ivory is unique not only in appearance, but also in her demeanor and attitude towards life. Her uniqueness has drawn many men in over the years and led them down the path of ruin. Will Martin be just another casualty?

This was an intriguing story. Mr. Merrifield’s quirks and turns in the story were well written and I enjoyed my time within this story even though it is not the usual genre that I read. Dark, suspenseful, with just a touch of horror thrown in this story, and exciting, it is definitely worth your time if you are a horror/suspense buff and worth the time if you ware wanting to check out a great example of the genre. I would suggest this to all, but don’t read it late at night in bed by yourself.